12 of the Best School and Classroom Grants 2020 and How to Apply: An Educational Guide

COVID-19 crisis brought the issues of school fundings to a greater lime light . “12 of the Best School and Classroom Grants 2020 and How to Apply: Is an Educational Guide”, it is an article that addresses school funding issues and gives you the best guidelines how to get an accessible school grants without stress.

Because of the deadly corona virus pandemic, many have to develop new teaching method.

Educators are beginning to seek resources to make their lessons easily accessible online.

It is also worth to know that compelling issues like lack of educational technology in some schools with low budgets, have only become more limiting during this time.

In this article, we will be dealing with educational grants that are easily accessible and which you can conveniently apply to.

For deeper information, check Waterford.org Foundations and Grants Guide 2020.

There you’ll find an in-depth dive, including necessary information on types of funding available, how to find grants, and guidelines you can leverage on to preparing your applications.

Why Grants Are a Useful Way to Secure School Funding

School and classroom grants are very relevant in school budgets, this allows educators to purchase resource materials which ordinarily they may be unable to access.

And because many grants are available on rolling deadlines, teachers and administrators can apply as the need arises.

What is Grant and its difference from loan?

Grants are awards given to schools to facilitate or augment in fulfilling some basic goal, like improving their school library or implementing new curriculum.

There numerous types of grants, such as educational, technology or summer learning grants, and each of these grants come with their relative requirements.

For example, some only require an application, while others need a grant proposal or proof of financial need.

The amazing feature of this grants is that, unlike loans, you don’t repay them.

Therefore loans are repaid.

For districts who need more financial assistance more than their current budget provides, an education grant is the best recommendation for school funding over a long term more than loans.

Here in this article, we have given a dropdown of grants for teachers and school administrators, including grants created in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All you need do is to continue scrolling down and see the application requirements, deadlines and also find the right fit for your school’s needs.

12 of the Best School and Classroom Grants 2020 and How to Apply: An Educational Guide

American Association of Educators Classroom Grant

The American Association of Education Classroom Grant provides up to $500 for teachers to enable them purchase classroom resources such as books, curriculum, or audio-visual equipments.

Who’s Eligible?

Only full-time educators who have not received an American Association of Education (AAE) grant in the past two years are eligible.

How do you Apply?

Send in an informational form and grant proposal by the Autumn (October 1) or Spring (March 1) deadline.

The American Association of School Librarians Innovative Reading Grant.

This is a curriculum grant that helps school librarians to plan and implement programs that will necessitate and motivate students to read, with an emphasis on passion driven struggling learners.

Who’s Eligible?

Eligible persons are Members of the American Association of School Librarians.

How do you Apply

Fill in and submit the online application, which is due February 1 of yearly.

Dollar General Summer Literacy Grant

This grant enables schools to set up and implement a summer reading program for students.

Who’s Eligible?

School administrators, librarians, and local nonprofits that serve K–12 students

How to Apply

Submit an application during the open solicitation period, which is usually held early in the year.

DonorsChoose Grants

Teachers can create a fundraiser platform that will allow others to donate toward their academic goals like new school resources and or classroom projects.

Who’s Eligible?

Any teacher or school administrator that needs financial assistance

How do you Apply?

To apply, you will have to Create an account and set up a fundraiser, then share for others to donate.

Honda Community Grant

This is a grant for public school districts usually to fund their need in securing classroom technology or STEM curriculum.

Who’s Eligible?

School or district administrators

How can you Apply?

Submit an online application and proposal along with two years of audited statements by the rolling deadlines.

Note that in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the next deadline has been postponed up to June 1.

ILA Regie Routman Teacher Recognition Grant

This grant provides $2,500 for elementary or middle school teachers who are actively working to enrich or improve their classroom.

Who’s Eligible?

Teachers who work for a school in which at least 60% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

How do you Apply?

Fill out and send an application by June 1 of each year.

NCTM Enhancing Student Mathematics Learning through the Use of Tools and Technology Grants

This technology grant from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provides PreK–12 teachers with funding to purchase digital math curriculum or resources for their classroom.

Who’s Eligible?

Teachers who are members of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

How do you Apply?

Submit a proposal and application by the November 15 deadline.

NEA Foundation Rapid Response Grant

In response to COVID-19, the NEA is giving grants for educators who require funding to support or augment their students through summer 2020.

Who’s Eligible?

Only teachers and school administrators who are current NEA members are eligible.

How do you Apply?

Fill out the online application and submit a grant proposal. This grant has rolling deadlines.

NSF Discovery Research Grant

This edtech grant from the National Science Foundation provides funding for STEM programs in PreK–12 classrooms.

Who’s Eligible?

PreK–12 educators with financial need

How do you Apply?

Send a full grant proposal by the second Wednesday in November annually.

Snapdragon Book Foundation

This is meant for school libraries in need.

The Snapdragon Book Foundation gives annual grants for books and literary resources to enrich school libraries and thereby enhance reading programs.

Who’s Eligible?

Only school librarians who serve disadvantaged communities are eligible.

How do you Apply?

Fill out the online application and send by the annual February deadline.

U.S. General Services Administration Computers for Learning Program

This is an amazing grant opportunity where educators who serve disadvantaged communities can lely to request computers for their school.

Who’s Eligible

K–12 educators

How do you Apply?

To request computers, you will have to register online and complete the eligibility processes.

Walmart Local Community Grants

This grant provides schools in need with the funding to complete educational projects or purchase classroom resources.

Who’s Eligible?

K–12 public, private, or charter schools who exhibit financial need

How to Apply

Submit an online grant application, which has an annual deadline of December 31.

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