All You Need To Know About Stegner Fellowship

The Wallace Stegner fellowship is a unique program that is offered the Stanford University. It offers 2-year fellowship yearly to ten writers. Five are offered in prose fiction and five poetry. All the fellows from all the genres gather once every week in a three hour’s workshop with the faculty.

The faculty for stegner fellowship

The noble men and women serving as faculty for Stegner University includes the following:

  1. Kenneth Fields (professor)
  2. Adam Johnson (professor)
  3. Evan Boland (professor) Director of creative writing program
  4. Chang-rae Lee (professor)
  5. Patrick Philips (professor)
  6. Elizabeth Tallent (professor)

Fellows are referred to as working artists who have determine to work and  perform their art and perfecting their craft. The only requirement is attending the workshop and writing but the program offers no degree.

Stanford Stegner Fellowship

The stegner Wallace provides writers with living stipends worth of $37,000 yearly for two years.

The awarding body considers the quality of creative works of candidate them in giving the awards. Potentials for future growth and ability to contribute and benefits from the in house writing workshop. Stanford creative writing program students are dervise in both style sand experience and with talented seriousness being common to all.


The stegner fellowship is seriously pursued by writers because it is one of the best fellowship for writers out there. To be considered for the fellowship, student has to meet the following criteria:

  • No degree or test is required for admission  into the fellowship
  • We do not also favour any school of writing more than the other
  • Chronological age is not of importance.

Wallace Stegner Fellowship

This fellowship is a full time academic commitment  and therefore we advice you not run it along other degree programs and we expect fellowships to live close enough to Stanford to be able to attend the creative workshops, reading and other events.


The benefits includes the following:

  1. A stipend for the fellow
  2. Fellows tuition and health insurance cover

Deadline for Application

Applications are to submitted online prior to september 1st and postmarked to not later than December 1st. Meanwhile if December 1st falls within weekend then the closest Tuesday after December first becomes the deadline.

Stegner Fellowship Application

Below are the requirements for the application.

Materials Needed for the Application

In order to apply for the fellowship, you will have top provide your personal background information and contact information of two recommenders who will attest to your suitability for the workshop. recommendation letters are absolutely not required. You will also supply a sample of your work which is not more than 9000 words for fiction and 15 pages for poetry and also a statement of plan not exceeding 1000 words.

Tips For stegner Fellowship

Stegner fellowships require you to pay an application fee of $85 by credit cards but if you sent your entry by mail, then you should include a cheque made payable to Stanford university or money order but not cash.

You Can Get A Waiver

While making the application, you can seek waiver but this should not exceed the application deadline.

You are also free to submit whatever you think best that represent you as a writer but you can not submit publications. You do not need any academic requirement for admission because it is on merits of creative writing.

Formatting Guidelines

Use double spacing for fictions. You can also format the poetry manuscript however you choose best and for hard copy submission, please do not stable any of the submission materials.  You should not also send books, CDs except manuscripts printed on standard papers.


The Wallace Stegner fellowship for writers is very generous and with very simple entry requirements: the only thing that can get you in is the quality of your work.

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