frequently ask questions

Is neness really paying members?

Yes, neness is paying members according to the stated policies.

Can someone less than 18 join?

neness is not for kids. Only persons at the age of 18+ can join.

Can someone outside Nigeria join?

No, only Nigeria bank account holders can partcipate in neness income.

How many times can I cash out in a month?

we pay refer activity earnings four times in a month.

How can I earn more daily?

You can earn #300 from reading news everyday. refer earning is unlimited to both active and none-active members.

Is my bank account details safe?

Yes, you bank details is %100 safe from our end. neness will never share your bank details with any third party.

Can I operate more than one account?

No, you are not allow to run more than one account.

If I request for payment, when will the money get to my bank account?

We pay members every Saturdays. We start with top refer earners down to the lowest refer earners if the cash generated for the week can go round. If the cash finish, we carry all remaining/pending requests to the following week payout. But members are free to cash out their refer bonus anytime, anyday.

Do I need to pay anything before I become a member?

Yes, you need to buy coupon code to activate your account to become active member. You can get the code from our authorise sellers at the rate of #800.

Is referring compulsory?

Yes, Referring is must as you can make a lot of money with our refer system and we always start payment with top refer earners.

Must I share daily sponsored post?

Daily sponsored post is compulsory. Your payment can be on hold if you fail to share our daily sponsored posts.

Will my earning count if I login?

No, neness does not pay for login.

Can I change my bank account details later?

Yes, login your account, scroll down and click edit account link at the bottom of the page.

How much do I need to earn before I can cash out?

You are required to earn up to #1,000 activity earning.

Where is neness getting the funds using to pay members?

We share the revenue generated from Google adsense and propellerads network among members.