TOP University Of Kentucky Scholarships

This Scholarship are fo two phases, it can be need based or merit based and all are  aimed at providing financial support to those who need it and people who meet the eligibility requirements.

The Kentucky University Scholarships

Many students have the intention to study at the university of Kentucky but do not have the financial strength to be enrolled for their education.

There are several scholarship opportunities available at the university.

The best way to check your eligibility for a scholarship is to fill the FAFSA application form ads as soon as possible, this tells you if you are qualified for federal funding. Then check the scholarships offered by the university of Kentucky,UK.

Major Scholarships At The University of Kentucky

There are numerous options to fund your education in the UK. Below are some of the scholarships available at the university of Kentucky:

The See Blue Scholarship 

This is available to new persons who are residents of every other US state aside Kentucky.


To qualify and have opportunity of applying for this scholarship, students must have a minimum of 3.0 points and received age least 25 points for ACT. 


The scholarship offers an award of $7,000 yearly, and can also be extended up to maximum of 3 years based on the academic performance of the student.

Kentucky Heritage Scholarship 

This is a scholarship that is opened to freshers who are not resident of the state. 

In order to be eligible or qualify for this scholarship, applicants must possess an average of 3.5 points and receive at least 30 points for ACT.


Students who are lucky to be selected as recipients of this scholarship can receive as much as $10,000 annually and can continue as far as 4 years.

Also, the scholarship is opened to students who wish to be transferred to the university of Kentucky.

And awardee students are given a scholarship sum of $1,000.


This scholarship is only opened to students who are moving to UK with 24 credit hours and have at least 3.3 points on average.

But the scholarship is non renewable.

Scholarship for Non Traditional Students 

These are part of university of Kentucky scholarships or grants meant for people attending UK who are not like the average students.

It is meant for subsets of students such as women who cannot afford child care.

For this categories, there is the Child Care Grant.

This scholarships are geared towards the specific need of these non traditional students in order to assist them in their various peculiar difficulties and problems by so doing make their studies in UK easier.

It is a helping hand with solutions that targets specific problems of specific persons.

There is also UK Woman’s Club Scholarship among the scholarships for non traditional students. These and many others are on the list.

Academic Excellence Scholarship Program

The academic excellence scholarship program  is for students who are currently full-time students at the University of Kentucky.

Applicants must have up to 3.5 points or more and this is specifically for students who have completed at least 12 semester hours at the university of Kentucky.


Students who are selected will receive a number of non renewable award of $1,500.

But students who are receiving some other scholarships from the university are not eligible.

Application Deadline 

June 1, 2020

Application procedures

To apply visit the scholarship and grant page

Many other independent departments within the school also offer scholarships to outstanding students.

Almost all the departments have a scholarship scheme they administer thereby increasing the number of scholarships in the university of Kentucky.


The university of Kentucky scholarships are for different categories of students to help them meet the specific needs of the different student groups.

These financial assistance is to be paid back.

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