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COVID-19: Nigeria administers 82,238 vaccine doses daily

Nigeria, with 818,865 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered as of 3rd April 2021, has inoculated 0.2 percent of its population.
This is the development as more than 652 million COVID-19 vaccine shots have been given worldwide – enough to vaccinate 4.3 percent of the global population.
According to data from the COVID-19 Tracker dashboard captured for 3rd April, an estimated 17.2 million doses of the jabs are being administered daily.
The data, compiled by and monitored across 151 countries, showed that in Nigeria, 82,238 doses of the vaccines being administered daily.
The Nigerian government plans to vaccinate 40 percent of the population in 2021 and and additional 30 percent by the end of 2022.
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From available data, the US, with 161.68 million doses has administered the highest number of doses, having inoculated 24.9 percent of its population at the rate of over three million doses daily.
It is followed by China with 131.01 million doses administered (4.5 per cent of the population) at the rate of 5.79 million doses daily.
Next is the European Union with 78.7 million (8.9 percent) at the rate of 1.71 million doses administered daily; India 74.7 million (2.7 percent), and 2.1 million doses administered daily and the UK 36.6 million (27.4 percent) with 545,748 doses being administered daily.
In comparison, Morocco has so far recorded 8.2 million (11.6 percent); Rwanda 348,926 (1.4 percent); South Africa 269,102 (0.5 percent), and Ghana, 500,000 (0.8 percent).

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