Why Study In China

China today is the brainbox of global growth inarguably and it is worth it to advise students seeking to study abroad to have china as their first option.

The reasons are obvious, the fast economic growth of china and  every other things within the country have expanded from manufacturing to education.

Factually, China has doubled the number of higher institutions in the last decade and it now has over 3,000 institutions.

Study Abroad In China

China is a country that has attracted global recognition in all round endeavours of which education is not in exclusion.

The country has deeply invested in education to meet up with the increasing demand of skill from new industries and foreign subsidiaries.

In 1995, China launched project 211 which was bent to grow their educational sector in a rapid speed to make way for a massive industrialisation in a knowledge based economy.

Why Study In China

China has one of the outstanding universities in the world.

Six of which appeared in the top 100 universities according to QS world ranking.

Currently, china has more than 500,000 international universities with a good part of that chunk coming from Japan, US and Thailand.

And this number is always increasing due to their scholarship scheme launched in 2017 to give financial assistance to international students and the number of scholarships are numerous.

Comparison between China Educational And USA Educational System

There are exposures of life, an experience that come from studying in a new countries.

But studying in china as opposed to a western country brings even more experiences.
It will enrich your life and expand your views.
There are numerous disparity between the US educational system and that of china.
First, their teaching method. While the Chinese teaching method focuses more on rote memorisation of facts and principles and as such in the Chinese higher educational system, 95% of the assessment is done through exam testing.

But in the US system, they do most of their assessments(50-60%) through exams and the rest is through term papers, projects and class presentations.

Top Universities in China 

China is currently undergoing development at a fast pace, with more than 20 major cities- the country has come out of hiding.

These cities are preferred destinations for international students as their universities are outstanding and there is a chance to enjoy the active  and fast developments in these cities.

Some of the top universities in China include:

Peking University 

This is one of the top universities in china.

It is a top tier college located in the active City of Beijing.

Perking University is among the C9 prestigious league with very high numbers of international students enrolment annually.

It ranks 30th in the world list and mostly known for it traditional Chinese edifices and architecture.

This is one of the best places to consider studying if you want to study in China.

Fudan University 

This is located in Shanghai.

And it is recognised as the 3rd best university in china and 44th in the world.

It is one of the top league university in china with about 32,000 students which makes it super selective.

Some of the top degree programs here are in politics ,business, modern languages, chemistry and material sciences.

Tsubghua University 

This a well respected college and it is located in Beijing.

Tsubghua University is placed on 17th position in the world according to 2019 QS world ranking.

It is a member of the Chinese ivy league universities and has about 46,000 students as of the last count.

Out of that number up to 3,000 are international students. Their top courses are engineering, architecture and materials.

Xi’an jiaotong-Liverpool University 

Studying here you can earn double degrees.

It is a partnership between Xi’an jiaotong and the university of Liverpool in Uk.

The students here are from over 50 countries and all programs are  in English and the focus is to develop individual minds and critical reasoning.

Their top programs includes: finance, engineering, business, urban planning and science.


To study in china is not very difficult as the Chinese government offers scholarships to international students.

You will have to understand the difference between the Chinese education and that of your country and be ready to have an open mind.

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